Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer Review

A hair dryer can be the deciding factor whether you are going to have a good or bad hairdo. Panasonic has launched the new EH-ND52N hair dryer model keeping in mind the diversified Indian hair type. You can have any type of gorgeous hair styling which you have been desiring till now, sitting at home with the perfect salon finish style by yourself without being dependent on a professional and reach out to your wallet every time. Rather this one time investment will save you many as it is so reasonably priced. Bring it home now and enjoy this European designed gray hue coloured device with that elegant style and wonderful performance.
Panasonic EH ND52N Hair Dryer
The Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer flows at a velocity of 50 miles per hour consuming 1500W of electrical power which is necessary to keep your hair smooth and maintain its lustre. To match its velocity, the air heat rises at a temperature of 220V. It is powered by a high strength motor that maintains the perfect balance in both velocity and temperature, ensuring that it does not create any burning sensation to your scalp . The attached nozzle directs the air in the perfect angle in turn to help in drying your hair at its best speed. As the nozzle is detachable, you can focus on your hair styling and use it in your own preferred way. It’ is a very handy device which is easy to use. The 1.8m (almost 2m) cord makes it even more easy for you to move around with. There is the cool shot down button that locks hair style you finally end up with and keeps it intact without compromising on the health or lustre of the hair. With Panasonic EH-ND52 Hair Dryer, pamper your hair with the cozy comfort and leave it with the latest style you want with that desired shine and movement with its silent and fast performance.
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Best Quiet Hair Dryers For Daily Use

Noise from the hair dryers is one of the most annoying things to the person using it and also to those who are nearby. Many times we intentionally skip drying our hair and let our hair air-dry simply because we either do not want to disturb other or no longer able to bear the noise of our hair dryers.

To find a quiet hair dryer may not be easy, as many of those hair dryers that claim to be quiet turn out to be noisy although a little less but still at annoying level. However, over the last few years, many manufacturers have started manufacturing hair dryers that can keep the noise nuisance to a minimum.

The Advantages of a Quiet Hair Dryer

Noise free
Noise free hair dryer will let you dry your hair calmly without any annoying sound. Further, with a quiet hair dryer you can avoid disturbing people who are still asleep as you prepare early for work.

Healthy for your ear
Regular use of hair dryer and subsequently subjecting your ears to level of noise may cause harm to your ear in the long run and your sense of hearing may become affected. Less noisy hair dryers are gentle on your ears, so even if you use it daily, it is still safe.
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Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer Review

Now you can get rid of the time consuming process of drying out the excess water and moisture that can cause severe damage to your hair . Try out the latest model of the high precision Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer, will take only a couple of minutes to finish this task. And this time you won’t need to look for any professional help and spend those extra bucks to set your hair exactly the way you want. That really saves a lot in respect of time, money and energy. The Torlen TOR 179 hair dryer is a reasonably priced ultra modern product that is designed for drying up your hair in almost no time preventing hair fall and other damages caused due to dampness.
Torlen Tor 179 Hair Dryer

Key Features:

The dryer comes with a 3 meter swivel cord, which allows you to place yourself at the most convenient corner at your home while drying and styling your hair. The cord is tangle free which doesn’t take away all your time to set it right. Based on Ceramic technology, which is the ideal one for leaving your hair with lustre and shine by retaining the required natural moisture in your hair.

The dryer needs n 2000-watt to run. You can adjust among its double speed settings along with 3 heat settings, which sets your hair to the perfect style as it dries your hair as per your convenience and comfort. You can choose a higher heat setting , as well as a low one to get a hairstyle that suits the best for your hair type. It also has the cool shot button as an alternative to the hot air blow. The AC motor is quite durable and they give you a 2-year warranty from the date you have purchased this product. For easy storage use its Hang-up Loop that makes it easily accessible. To protect the dryer from unnecessary hair and dust deposits, use the Removable Filter when you need to clean it up to prolong the lifespan of the device.
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How To Use Hair Dryer Like a Stylist

We all love to have our hair with a salon finish look. To go for tat perfect hairstyle, we all depend on a professional hand that knows how to take that special care without making a mess out of it. Among many other hair care methods, the perfect use of hair dryer gives the final touch to all the effort put together. It is finally the correct use of a hairdryer that will add the required volume, shine, and style. With the basic knowledge of how to use a hairdryer perfectly, you can easily make your own hairstyle your self with no compromise on the quality that a salon visit can promise. Here in this article to share the knowledge of how to get the right hair dryer for your hair type and tips on your favourite hair styling. All you need to do is to understand your own hair type and select the right blow dryer that will add that salon treatment to your everyday hair care.

An ideal blow dryer is the one which will come with the appropriate attached tools for hair styling. A professional hair dryers will have technologies like Ionic and Ceramic that help in restoring the natural moisture with the perfect shine while protecting your hair from stubborn tangles and frequent hair fall. Ionic hair dryers are perfect for combating frizz, while ceramic hair dryers are best for gentle hair care option. Also check the range of heat settings for the right styling options you are looking for. The right combination will give you the best result.

Blow Drying Your Hair:
Try to dry your hair in a room with less humidity. Blow­ drying in a humid bathroom after your shower will increase the risk of heat damage or frizz. Rather you can choose an air­conditioned that helps in reducing environmental humidity. A professional hair­drying technique involves partially blow­drying the hair all over to reduce the amount of moisture and then choose the styling tools to either straighten, add curls or volume. Dry your hair in part by part which will help you to dry out every bit of hair completely leaving it smooth.
Firstly you need to divide your hair into parts using clips or hair ties and then start brushing each of those hair parts while blow­drying them.
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Best Travel Hair Dryer

Who would not want to make a travel memorable and look cool in their snaps? But in travels, your hair gets maximum exposure to air and dust. To avoid those bad hair troubles and ensure a spirited and enjoyable travel, you need to take good care of it even in your busy schedule. To ease up this issue, don’t forget to pack up the best travel hair dryer in your handbag and make sure to get one, if you haven’t thought of it yet.

These days you get a series of hair dryers that come with many attractive features, but for travels, you need to think beyond getting those typical dryers with more adjustable features and which are compact enough to be carried along in your purse. And if you’re shopping one for the first time, there should be few factors you should look for.

Weight & Size
To carry around your hair dryer while travel, it has to be lightweight and small which do not overburden your luggage.

Try to go for a dual voltage travel hair dryer which can ensure electrical outlet usability anywhere. But, it would be the best travel hair dryer if it runs on batteries as well.

Do look for features like tourmaline iconic technology, multiple heat settings, efficient power settings of a standard hair dryer with retractable cord storage and if possible a travel pouch.

There should be a number of nozzles and compact brushes otherwise you won’t get the desired result.

Here are some of the best travel hair dryers available:

Conair 1600 Watt Folding Handle Hair Dryer
Conair 1600 Watt Folding Handle Hair DryerConair 1600 Watt Folding Handle Hair Dryer is a product that is built on North American Electrical Standards with Dual voltage facility for flexible charging. This light weight device has a unit weight of 1.10 lbs with a handle for compact storage. Running on 1600 W with 2 heat/speed settings it is suitable for all hair types. From users worldwide it has been rated as a well designed, reasonably priced, handy hairdryer. But to be very specific, it cannot run on high power, when you set it for 125 volts. So as a frank opinion it is better for the European hemisphere but not in tropical countries.
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Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair

To avoid embarrassing and damaging wet hair problem today technology is up with the solution offering a variety of hair dryers from different brands. But before we go for a purchase, we need to know that each hair type will demand their own drying technique. For example, if the hair is silky, thin and smooth type, which we generally call as fine hair, it will require a dryer that can add shine and volume to the tresses. It will also need the right settings of heat to avoid burning or damaging the hair. In this article you will get a listing of top hair dryers that are specially made for the fine hair type having these technologies.

Tourmaline Technology – It adds shine to the hair reducing the heating time quite remarkably. For fine hair, this is good because it does not require much heat and too much heat can create damage.

Ceramic Technology
– For fine hair this works fine as they heat it up evenly and does not concentrate at a particular point and while controlling the temperature distribution it speeds up the process keeping the hair healthy and fine retaining its natural moisture.

Variable Temperature Settings – Look for a hair dryer that ranges between 600 watts and 1500 watts for fine hair.

Nozzle Attachment – A nozzle attachment also known as concentrator is a good option to heat a small portion of hair.

Here are few dryers for fine hair type which has been top rated by users because of their high-end performance and longevity. Check them out.

Philips Kerashine HP8216/00 Hair Dryer
Philips Kerashine HP8216/00 Hair Dryer This hair dryer from Philips would first attract you with its design. Its shining black colour with the lightweight built dries your hair the right way to get you the perfect hairstyle you cherish. It runs on1600W with the built in Even Heat Distribution technology which prevents your hair from overheating and any sort of damage. It keeps drying the hair gently and evenly while maintaining its natural moisture. You can get full control over the temperature with its Thermo Protect temperature feature more gentle drying. Turn on the cool air setting for that extra shine.

Philips Kerashine hair dryer works on Ionic Care technology that makes the hair frizz free and shiny. Ionic It implements anti-static drying to leave it in tangle free condition once it is dry. It is an easy to use handy device with three levels of control to adjust the speed and heat of the dryer, so it can suit other hair types as well. Try it out to go stylized everyday with a salon finish hairstyle.

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Remington D5000 Hair Dryer Review

Now you can take full control of your frizzy hair with the latest Remington’s D-5000 Chrome Hair-dryer, an easy to handle compact unit that is immensely powerful yet lightweight. With this dryer you experience quick and easy drying as well as salon finish styling. It’s Ionic technology works on conditioning the hair to give it the perfect anti-static shine. Ensuring a cumulative effect of its high performance motor and the fan, it also works with its Eco-option with a a speed limit and heat settings which saves energy. Simultaneously it continues drying your hair with care.
Remington D5000 Hair Dryer
Remington’s D-5000 Chrome Hair dryer comes with a host of great features like,
Ionic Conditioning
Because of the Ionic Conditioning adds lustre and extra shine to your hair.

Energy saving Eco Setting
Using Remington D-5000 Chrome Hair dryer also takes care of the ecology. Its Eco-setting if set on the medium speed, rather than the high one, it will save power.

2 Speed/3 Heat Settings
With 2 speed and 3 heat settings Remington’s D-5000 Chrome Hair dryer helps you to add style while it dries your hair with comfort and ease with its ability to keep altering the heat and speed.

The built in Concentrator in this hair dryer dries up your hair and adds style to each section of your hair within minutes. This concentrator needs to be used specially when you need a quick drying.
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Philips HP4940/00 Hair Dryer Review

Have you tried out Philips HP4940/00 Hair Dryer yet? If you are looking for a good hair dryer pick that will give you a Salon finish hair-do at home then this model from Philips can certainly deserve to be one of the best ones available right now in the market.
Philips HP4940 Hair Dryer
Philips HP4940 hair dryer has a cool look with a compact design which can be easily carried inside your purse to accompany you wherever you need it. To reduce your worry of saving it from any damage, the dryer is packed along with a cool travel pouch especially designed for rigorous usage and carefree handling. It works on dual voltage of 110 – 240 V which is ideal for using it anywhere. Now you can have beautifully stylized hair round the clock.

Highlighted Features

This 1600W hairdryer can create the optimum level of airflow and with a gentle drying power you get salon finish hair dressing at every use.

Collapsible Handle
To make it even more handy Philips HP4940/00 Hair Dryer is attached to a collapsible handle. As a result it makes the dryer a small and compact one which can be packed easily into a small space snugly fitting inside a corner of your purse.

Dual voltage
Because of the Dual voltage facility, it can be widely used anywhere.

Flexible Settings
To adjust the speed and the required heat this dryer is crafted with three flexible settings that ensure precised and customized styling for every individual user.
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Hair Dryer Buying Guide

When you are looking up at the mirror to get that professional hair do, the first thing you need besides all other cosmetic stock, is a good hair dryer. Though the technology of any hair dryer may vary, the functionality among all of them will be more or less the same. Generally in Dryers there will be a fan to pull the cool air inside the unit and then pass it on through a heated coil which boosts the temperature of the air. The existing warm air will be then forced out from the nozzle at a very high speed to your hair. But keeping the process of air heating aside, there will be many common elements and differences too which needs to be analyzed. Otherwise you may end up with a bad purchase.

Heating Process

While selecting your hair dryer do check the technology that is being used to heat the air. this is the most determining factor of most of the hair dryers, as this heeating proccess itself directly influence the air while being navigated through the unit. For instance, any metal element will create a dry and uneven heat but Ceramic elements will use the far­infrared rays to heat the hair from inside out, it works much more gently than a direct heat blast . If you go forTourmaline elements, there the heat would be spread evenly, which helps the hair in retaining its shine and also helps in reducing the frizz. They are also good in diffusing positive ions, that kills static electricity and as a result is able to dry the hair without making a mess out of it.


It is also important to take a note of the wattage of your dryer as even the best blow dryer ends up acting as a measurement of the total heat output. The higher a dryer’s wattage goes, the faster it will be able to dry your hair. Those who have short or fine hair will benefit the most from a low wattage, whereas those with heavy and curly hair should go for a higher wattage. It is advisable that one doesn’t assume a higher heat output always as the best unless your hair type requires it, as if you heat your hair with more units than required, it could damage your hair.
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